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RWfloats Test



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Designed to target F1s in very shallow water.

Dibbers now come in four sizes.

Most dibbers that are commercially available are often too large and heavy and make too much noise when slapping, so the RW dibber was designed to combat that problem.

Number 1, number 2 and number 3 float are designed to specifically target F1s when fishing shallow between 6 and 14 inches deep.

New to the range is the Number 4, .

An example shotting pattern for these floats are 2 x 12’s shot (Num 1) and 2 x 11’s shot (Num 2) perfect for those crafty F1s. Number 4 will take 3x No9 Stotz and a 6 or 8mm pellet perfect for mugging fish.


  • Small oval profile
  • .8mm Carbon
  • No1 » No 2 » No3 » No 4
  • 110kg m3 Foam
  • Red » Yellow » Black
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